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Cyber - Leading exchange in cryptocurrencies and Forex

With the advancement of science and technology, with the explosion of technology, crypto and Forex transactions are considered the leading trend for smart investors in the digital age. More than anyone else, we - the people with this market experience, skills and knowledge know what you need. And Cyber brings you a revolution in trading, a financial solution not to be missed. Cyber is proud to be one of the leading technology exchanges today.

CYBER - Simple for beginners and more professional levels

With the goal of global development, efficiency and quality are the prerequisite. We – the founders and developers of Cyber, have the ambition, ambition and mission to build a superior financial ecosystem, have been and will accompany you throughout the process of conquering the limits. and reach the heights. Besides, Cyber also provides you with the essentials to become a wise trader or a long-term investor.

Our customer care team are ready to answer any questions, questions you may have anytime, anywhere. At the same time, Cyber supports investment advisory for you to make the most wise decision.

What we have?

Exchange – Transnational online trading floor with diverse capital and investment outputs, fast in handling, professional in operation.

OTC – A closed exchange, processing large amounts of transactions in a short period of time with the best efficiency.

Margin – Margin trading, putting (long) as the dominant and non-existent (short)

Future – Trading futures contracts, leverage up to x150, profit and risk ratios all increase

List coin – Push the value of coins on the exchange depending on the amount

Listing and IEO services – (Initial Exchange Offering) a form of crowdfunding calling through token offering on Crypto exchanges.

Security and KYC

Cyber takes all precautions necessary to keep customers' personal & money information safe and secure. We use the highest network security standards, while our customers' money is kept securely in global affiliate wallets.

Personal information

We are always ready to answer any questions. Our customer service team is available 24/7, so you'll always get professional support whenever you need it. In addition, we provide our customers with exclusive deals and regular updates on financial news.

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